Monday, January 2, 2012

Reorganize to optimize!

Hello Friends! First of all, Happy New Year to all of you!

This Christmas, my dear hubby offered me a shelving unit I've been wanting for quite a while.... It is an Ikea Expedit shelving unit, with compartments that can hold 12x12 containers! So I was gladly able to finally classify and organize my scrapbooking kits, papers and cardstock in some logical order for the first time in years! YAY!

As much as I LOVE scrapbooking, my second favorite activity is probably to organize my stuff, or my 'stash' to use an expression from the industry. I draw real pleasure from putting my tools and stash in order and make it more efficient to use. So, here are a few pics to show you how I organized my stuff to start 2012!

I tried to gather my tools, stamps, inks, papers, bling, etc. in a efficient way so I save time when I look for something. So here are all my punches in one big basket that fits into one of my shelf compartment.

My ribbons are wrapped around 6x6 foam pieces, by colour or theme (lace, rick rack, Halloween, etc.). My brads are also stored together, in individual containers. So when I leave for a crop, I gather the little jars and foam pieces I need, using minimum space in my bag!

In the same compartment are my Close to my Heart ink pads together with my acrylic stamps. Along with my new shelving unit, my husband bought some dividers, allowing to store smaller items while using maximum space.

I also have a couple of transparent bins that can hold my 12x12 paper. So I organized patterned paper by colour and style (girly, boyish, vintage, neutral, etc.). I did the same with the kits and cardstock.

These nice little wooden boxes are actually cigar boxes! They are so cute... I bought them for $2 each the last time I picked up cigars for my husband in a specialty store. I find them perfect to store extra ribbons, rolls, and what not.

And one of the best thing about this shelving unit is that it can host my albums, until they are complete and ready to graduate to the living room!

Finally, here is what I call my 'get dirty space'. This is basically a portable island I bought many years ago at Ikea, and that I converted to a scrap table where I can mist, ink, paint, spritz, you name it. I lay a Tattered Angel craft mat on top of a thick shower curtain that actually protects the wood of my table. Perrrrfect!

So I hope you enjoyed this post, and my tips and tricks to get organized for a new year of crazy scrapping!

Thanks for reading!