Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Evolution 2

Hi there everyone!  Since I'm on a blogging roll, might as well keep going.  In my previous post 'Evolution 1', I mentioned this series of upcoming posts presenting some kind of 'before and after' layouts.  For more details, go read the post :)

So here is layout #2 I made during my first time taking the Scrapbooking Techniques #1 course series in 2011.

Based on an original layout created by Josée Lalonde (SEM)

The goal in making this layout was to learn how to use border punches and find the right paper to enhance our photos.  This might seem pretty simple, but for scrapbooking beginners, or those who don't have it in them to combine colours, this can be a challenge.  We also learned how to cluster our embellishments.

My sweet little Alyssa has just turned 2 weeks old on these pictures.  looking at this layout bring a lot of fond memories... isn't it what scrapbooking is about?  Absolutely!

So this time around, I made layout #2 about my son's 8th birthday.  Here is the layout I made for this same class: Call me MJ.

Based on an original layout created by Josée Lalonde (SEM)

My son Nicholas likes Michael Jackson's style very much.  So when he received the Michael Jackson's Experience Wii game from his big sister, he started dancing like MJ.  Good memories and great laugh.

Since this layout is all about fun, I used big chipboard letters that I sanded and embellished with baker's twine.

I used these cute bottle caps for a boyish look and embellish the layout!  Aren't they neat??

I hope you liked this post.  Thanks for stopping by, and happy scrapping!

Evolution 1

Hello dear readers! It's been a long (too long!) time since I had the occasion to finally sit down and blog! But here I am, with many creations to share with you :)

During the last couple of months, I have been busy creating and preparing for a very exciting life experience: teaching scrapbooking.  I have joined the Creative Team at Scrap en masse, a wonderful scrapbooking store located in Alfred, a little town 45-60  minutes from Ottawa.  I will be teaching  scrapbooking techniques #1 and #2, an upcoming series of vintage techniques and layout classes, and maybe a course on Dylusions.  I am really excited about all this!

In order to teach the two techniques classes, which I attended last year, I needed to take it again so I can learn the new content of this 6-day course.  However, most of the exercises are the same, with some variations, and I thought it would be cool to show you the comparable layouts.

The first layout is made of strips of papers that we combine to make the base of the layout.  Basic embellishment were used in this first layout.  So this is the layout #1 I made in 2011.

Based on a layout created by Josée Lalonde (SEM)

The new content of the first class now includes techniques to make handmade flowers, the use of glimmer mist and other medias.  Here is the layout #1 I made in 2012.

Based on a layout created by Josée Lalonde (SEM)

I like this layout, it is so colourful.  I added Apple and Red Velvet glimmer mist on my pages and flowers.  I also used glimmer glam on my red handmade flowers.

This post is the first of a series.  For each layout I created in my class the first time, I will write a post and compare it with my most recent one.

Let me know what you think, I always love hearing from you :)

Thanks for stopping by, and have fun scrapping!