Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Wish for You

It took me so long to scrap this beautiful picture.  My daughter's birthday is April 28... this is now November, and I just got to scrap her best birthday picture for this year.  Ok, I omitted to mention that I have 11 years of birthday pictures to scrap.  But this one, this very one is just so beautiful and inspiring.  Alyssa at 11 years old, going on 21, making a wish that nobody will ever know about.  And this is just right that way; my daughter has her own secrets and I totally respect that.  However, when I look at this picture, I know what my wish for her is.  In this layout, I found important to share with her what my hopes are, so I wrote quite a lot of journaling.  And when she read it, she gave me the longest hug she ever gave me.  Alyssa knows me, and she knows that I will always wish the best for her, and agree with her own choices.

I am my worst critic when it comes to judging my scrapbooking.  This layout is one of my favorites, because of the muted colours, the 'old wallpaper' look, and a collection of my daughter's favourite colours gathered in the same pages.

Created by Nathalie Noreau-McLeod - The Creative Cellar, 2012

This layout has some kind of 'atmosphere' like we say in French.  It is soft but has character.  Layering, gesso, distressing, staining, journaling.  A nice mixed match of techniques that makes this layout speak for itself.  And most importantly, my daughter loves it.  This is really all that matters.

Here are some close-ups.

Created by Nathalie Noreau-McLeod - The Creative Cellar, 2012

I like using delicate doilies that I crumple, stain, mist and either glue on my page or sneak in as little peek-a-boos in a folded corner.  I find these accents very feminine and 'vintage' at the same time.  I found some beautiful purple Prima flowers that I couldn't resist adding gesso on.  It gives a softer look to a romantic layout.

Created by Nathalie Noreau-McLeod - The Creative Cellar, 2012

Created by Nathalie Noreau-McLeod - The Creative Cellar, 2012
I hope you liked this post.  Thank you so much for stopping by.

Happy Scrappity Scrapin'!

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  1. it's beautiful!!i am sure she was very touched by how sentimental it was.i know she will treasure is as she gets older.