Thursday, July 19, 2012

Evolution 5

Hey there! Here is my fifth post of my Evolution series.  My intention is to get to six, so hang in there for those who don't like these posts!  I'm almost done!

This time, I decided to post the picture of the layout I made recently first, as opposed to the other posts I wrote on the same subject.  So this time, the main challenge from the techniques class was to use the colour wheel to create our layout.  The principle is simple: using the colour wheel, find the triad of colours that fit your pictures the best.  The application of this principle: not so simple.

You must have concluded by looking at my layouts (see my gallery or older posts if you need), that I am rather a 'vintage/sophisticated/grunge' kind of scrapper.  So to be imposed colours by a so called wheel is out of my element, to say the least!  In both cases, i.e. in both times I attended that class where I was imposed colours, anxiety showed up in my chest and stayed there until I was done.

I have to admit, the result is not bad.  Not my cup of tea, but not bad.  So, here is the layout I made this summer during my SEM Scrapbooking Techniques class #2.

Mon Jardin Secret, completed July 16, 2012

So the first time around, I also had to use the colour wheel for this class.  I chose pictures of my daughter at 3 months old, when I visited my parents for a week.  Of course, I didn't know that my dear Papa would pass away a few days after that class, when my pictures and paper was picked using the colour wheel.  I have to admit, it took me quite a few months before I was able to even start this layout, but I did it, with a lot of pain and tears.  I like this layout though, and it reminds me of how my Father was an amazing Grand-Father.  He loved his grand-children like his own children.  Ok, I am digressing here.  So here is the layout I created in the summer of 2011.

De l'Amour plein les bras, completed in July 2011

This layout also gave me a hard time with the colours I had to work with, but I love it.  It is now in my daughter's album.

And here is the guilty colour wheel.  Kidding!  This tool is amazing and can assist any artist, including scrapbookers or cardmakers, in choosing colour combinations that will always succeed.  No wonder painters, interior designers, and other professionals make it their #1 tool.  It just takes a little bit of time and help to know how to use it at first. 

And once you know, you're good to go!
Happy colouring!

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  1. wow,i don't think i have ever seen you work w the colours or that kind of patterned paper before.Even I,who uses lots of colours would find it difficult to do,BUT of course you made it work!